Accountable ACE Leadership

‘BUILDING AN ACE TEAM’  This program introduces the concepts of knowing roles and expectations of each other.  Today’s best leaders are also excellent coaches. They get the most from their teams through inspiration, coaching, accountability, empowerment, building trust and setting examples. This impactful program provides leaders a step-by-step coaching model and process, which includes the understanding of the difference between lack of performance due to focus, will and/or capability. It is designed for all types of leaders, helping them to increase their abilities with activities essential to leadership. Coaching should not be a diary note that pops up once a month. Instead it is a culture and a way of life.

Great leaders realize that they must get the most out of their teams by creating a safe coaching environment in their workplaces. Coaching is not a diary note that pops up once a month. Instead it is a culture, a way of life. It is also a simple business issue. You will not meet your business goals with your team if coaching is not a standard in your workplace. In the well known “Coaching Controversy” research conducted by Xerox Corporation, it was found that 87% of all skills learned through training were lost in the workplace if coaching and support was not present. 87%! This stimulating, interactive program gives leaders the understanding, tools, and practice to make them effective coaches in today’s workplace to maximize the skill development training they attend.

In this program, participants will learn our effective Coaching Model, establish its uses, and practice its use before planning how to implement coaching in the workplace.