Accountable, Collaborative, Engaged

We offer corporate training program and events that will INSPIRE your teams, add VALUE to your bottom line, be the catalyst for GROWTH and bring to your organization a new level of SYNERGY. Our Signature Programs include:

Accountable ACE Leadership

‘BUILDING AN ACE TEAM’  This program introduces the concepts of knowing roles and expectations of each other. Today’s best leaders are also excellent coaches. They get the most from their teams through inspiration, coaching, accountability, empowerment, building trust and setting examples. This impactful program provides leaders a step-by-step coaching model and process, which includes the understanding of the difference between lack of performance due to focus, will and/or capability. It is designed for all types of leaders, helping them to increase their abilities with activities essential to leadership. Coaching should not be a diary note that pops up once a month. Instead it is a culture and a way of life.

Collaborative ACE Team

‘LOST DUTCHMAN’S GOLDMINE’ is our trail-blazing, fun, highly engaging and results oriented team building event. It is great for corporate events, conferences, setting the stage for strategic planning meetings and is extremely IMPACTFUL on its own as a team-building event for intact and cross-functional teams. Teams will walk away with significant new awareness and ‘aha’s’ that bring to the surface transformational insights and actionable behaviours that they can easily implement back in the workplace. These new behaviours and actions are the catalyst for increasing collaboration, productivity, enhancing leadership capability, communication, planning and breaking down silos to function more effectively as a high performing team.

Engaged = ACE Results

‘INSIGHTS DISCOVERY® SYSTEM is used as a foundational element in this workshop. Engaged ACE results occurs when a group of team members shift from working in individual ‘silos’ to operating synergistically like a well-oiled machine….with commitment.  We honour individual’s strengths and talents…with raised awareness to others and take the team through an engaging process that sets the stage for a productivity driven, low conflict and highly collaborative team producing desired results.