Accountable ACE Leadership

‘BUILDING AN ACE TEAM’  This program introduces the concepts of knowing roles and expectations of  each other.  Today’s best leaders are also excellent coaches. They get the most from their teams through inspiration, coaching, accountability, empowerment, building trust and setting examples. Read more…

Collaborative ACE Team

‘LOST DUTCHMAN’S GOLDMINE’ is our trail-blazing, fun, highly engaging and results oriented team building event. It is great for corporate events, conferences, setting the stage for strategic planning meetings and is extremely IMPACTFUL on its own as a team-building event for intact and cross-functional teams. Read more…

Engaged = ACE Results

‘INSIGHTS DISCOVERY® SYSTEM is used as a foundational element in this workshop.  Engaged ACE results occurs when a group of team members shift from working in individual ‘silos’ to operating synergistically like a well-oiled machine….with commitment. Read more…

About Us

TriOpus Group is known as a ‘boutique’ training company that exceeds client expectations. We spend the time really getting to know you, assessing your needs, collaborating to make customized solutions that are engaging, relevant, fun and results oriented, setting participants up for success in developing new skills and embracing essential change that is results oriented. When needed, we partner with other like-minded consultants to address specific business needs and goals of our clients.


    Accountable A.C.E. Leadership


    Collaborative A.C.E. Team


    Honouring individual strengths and talents.

What others say about us

“Every piece of feedback I’ve received about (TriOpus Group) has been exceptional… the training was awesome. The knowledge and way they deliver their training has been far beyond anything I would have expected.”

Stephen GRBC Dominion SecuritiesRBC Dominion Securities

“I recommend Tri Opus Group unreservedly to assist with any company’s coaching, leadership and team building challenges.”

Consuelo ZInfoSat CommunicationsInfoSat Communications

“As a result of our partnership with TriOpus Group this past year, we have seen the loss of customers cut in half, customer satisfaction reach a new record high, and staff turnover at its lowest ever. What more can a Branch Manager ask for from a training program? Thank you for creating and delivering such a relevant and effective staff development program! All our staff consider you a part of our team and always look forward to the next training session. We are all looking forward to working with you in the year ahead.”

Morten SVan Houtte, VPVan Houtte